our sustainable products


UTOPIA Towels by Nandan Terry

The yarn that is...the color isn't...

UTOPIA towels are mirage of colors, forming vivid patterns by itself...the beauty of pattern is such that no two towels have same pattern, organic fluid patterns are most enchanting.

Crafted from pure cotton UTOPIA towels are made from special dyeing technic where yarns are pre dyed and then towel takes different dye in process of coloring.


SpaSoft Spa Towels by Nandan Terry

softness perfected in cotton

SPASOFT towels are softness of cotton perfected in a terry towel, crafted from high quality cotton, the Zero Twist towels are luxuriously soft, highly absorbent and durable.

The special yarn technology allows cotton yarns to absorb more, stay soft and retain their colors after multiple uses.


ULTRASOFT Bath Towels by Nandan Terry

sustainability meets luxury

ULTRASOFT towels crafted from 100% Bamboo fibers are sustainability meeting luxury.

Bamboo fibers are known for their antibacterial properties, bamboo grows without using too much water, requires less or no chemicals... most sustainable plant.

ULTRASOFT towels are luxuriously soft, got sheen, absorbing... perfect for luxurious bathing experience.


CLASSIQUE Bath Terry Towels by Nandan Terry

luxuriously soft... viscose linen towel

Rejuvenate your bathing experience with most unique blend of fibers... softest man made fiber is blended with most absorbing natural fiber to create ultimate CLASSIQUE Towel collection.

The blend of viscose and linen creates most unique towel with properties of both the world... softness of viscose is combined with absorbency and roughness of linen... the towels are soft, absorbent, durable.


OSMOSE Towels by Nandan Terry

The Towel that gets fluffier with every wash... when luxury meets science.

Pamper yourself with luxuriously soft towels.

OSMOSE Towels created from special yarn, that has air pockets in its structure, the towel gets fluffier, softer, blooms after every wash.

Towels are low linting increasing durability of it use, absorbs more and colorfast for many uses.

Available in various weights and sizes or can be customized.


VIGORA Terry Towels by Nandan Terry

Wellness towel collection

Ultimate sustainable material Hemp is blended with virgin cotton to create absorbent yet softest towel.

The properties of two best natural fibers comes together to make this towel ultra absorbent, antibacterial and odor free.

Cultivation of hemp saves water making it naturally sustainable material, require no chemicals to grow, the goodness of cotton adds to the softness of towel.